June 5, 2012

Schizofrenia - selfanalysis

One of the Quests that you can be assigned to after life is the Guardian Angels. That assignment seem to be somewhat oriented toward your own family (father/grandfather for his children, wife and/ore grandchildren). As far as I know it is the men who gets this Special Quest. And to be able to support more than one familymember you either have to have split personalitys ore have the ability to travel fast between two places, only by thought. When badly traumatized after rebirth you develop all kinds of negative and destructive behavior and/ore bad, often unawared, mental states. One of theese bad earthly mental states is schizofrenia. Due to what I know about reinkarnation I feel a possibility that schizofrenia could be an inherited state of the mind. When slightly traumatized after rebirth you develop diffrent positive abilities such as smartness, intelligence, intuition, ambitions, abilty to deal with many tasks at the same time and many more. And the inherited schizofrene state stays latent and undeveloped. Note 1: To me badly traumatized equals multitraumatized.

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