March 18, 2013

American Heart Association: The Simple 7 also cut your risk of cancer

 The American Heart Association's program, The Simple 7 also has been found to cut cancer risk in about half according to a new study from Northwestern University.

Here is the list, in ABC format:

A - get ACTIVE, at least 150 minutes of exercise weekly = just over 20 minutes a day

B -
  • control your BLOOD PRESSURE, to about 120/80 or less. 
  • your BODY MASS INDEX should be below 25

C - control your CHOLESTEROL, with your total cholesterol < 200 mg/dL

D -
  • improve your DIET by emphasizing whole grains, fruits & vegetables, fish. 
  • improve your DIET by reducing your intake of simple sugars such as soda, candy, and other desserts.
  • DON'T smoke
Finally, and this is one of my own recommendations:

E - ENJOY your life. Stay optimistic with a positive outlook. 

Following these simple guidelines, you will not only live longer but also live a healthier and fuller life.